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- What do I need?
For renting a car, all you need is a driver licence.

- Where do I return my rental vehicle?
The place of return is established at the time of the contract.

- What about the fuel?
At the moment of the delivery, the amount of fuel in the tank is checked. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel at the start of the rental.

- What happens if the vehicle is damaged?
All our rent a car contracts include the “Full kasko insurance without excess”, this option eliminates any liability for damage except for : drunk driving; use of the vehicle on rough roads or unsuitable to the technical characteristic of the same. (e.g sandy/rocky/muddy off-road trails). Moreover, thanks to this option, no waiting time for checking the vehicle is needed when the car is returned.

-How and where can I pay?
Payment is required in advance, you can pay with both cash and credit card.

- What if I receive a fine?
Customer is responsible for fine or any other charge resulting in violation of the Highway Code, if not, the fine will be sent to his/her domicile with additional burden.



Our cars undergo periodic inspections by our mechanics. Moreover, with the “Full Kasko insurance with no excess , the customer is free from any liability in case of damage.

Car booking


You can book a car online by filling- in the form on the top right and making a bank transfer of an amount equal to 20% of the rental cost.



The pick up and delivery service takes place at our car dealership during working hours or at the agreed time frame. It is also possible to agree a different location for the delivery.